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DVD Box Review

Reviewed: 2011-03-10
Quick site rank and complete review of DVD Box | Categories: Cumshot, Pornstar, Video

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gold rank
Our Rating: 90/100

Quality of Content: 22/25

Purchase Value: 20/20

Leased/Own Content: 12/15

Update Frequency: 10/10

Content Variety: 10/10

Tour Promises/Reality: 5/5

Originality: 7/10

Navigation: 4/5

Images: no

Live Shows / Chat: yes

Streaming Video: yes

Downloadable Video: yes

User Rating For DVDBox

User Rating: 64/100 - based on 301 votes.

Price & Payment Options



Standard price: $1.00 (1 days, recurring at $29.95 / 30days)

30 Days


Standard price: $29.95 (30 days, recurring at $29.95 / 30 days)

3 Months


Standard price: $68.85 (90 days, recurring at $68.85 / 90 days)

Tour Promises

DVDBox.com promises hardcore scenes from top studios, multiple daily updates, fully downloadable movies, no DRM, real time streaming and fast downloads.

My Opinion About DVDBox

Imagine a membership that gives you complete access to over 5000 DVD titles totally more than 29,995 separate video scenes starring some of the hottest pornstars in the business. Now, take a step farther and imagine that such a membership would only cost you five dollars a month. This is the kind of thing that might seem too good to be true, but it's exactly what DVD Box is offering.

DVDBox offers a no-frills design. When you login you'll two profiled DVD scenes that have been released on the very day of your visit. These scenes are followed by a list of thumbnails featuring the latest updates and then by the editors picks and a list of top pornstars. There are a couple of promotions on the page, but you never feel overwhelmed by numerous upsells. In fact, if you want to see promotions then there is a link to all of them in the page-top menu under hot deals.

If you just want to get to the titles or stars that excite you, there is no problem. You can browse categories by DVD or scene, by studio, series, top downloads, top models and you can key in a word and make your own search for a category that might not be listed. I didn't have a problem finding my favourite type of girl or niche, but I felt that the search features could be expanded. For example, it was easy to find busty models, a cinch to find anal sex and a breeze to find lesbians. However, I found myself wishing that I could find brunettes with big tits in lesbian anal scenes, but there was no way to check off multiple preferences and browse the content.

In any case, what you have here is a massive archive with 5,953 DVDs. This isn't a count of the scenes, but the actual DVD titles which usually consist of four to seven individual scenes. Full titles are added all at once as far as I could tell and sometimes this adds up to five daily updates and other times over nine. However, there are only one or two complete titles added daily. Considering the number of scenes in each, you certainly can't complain.

DVD Box is mainly a collection of standard hardcore themes. This is by no means a bad thing. There are a few fetish categories, but if you're into more pure fetish material in a very specific niche, then you might want to check out other DVD networks because it's a fairly mixed bag of lingerie, hosiery, leather and domination, here. Foot, hairy, squirt and uniform are the fetishes that have enough content to warrant their own categories and while there are 350 fetish titles, this is a small amount when compared to the more common hardcore themes. The same goes for gay and tranny videos. Aside from the pornstar category, the niches offering the most DVDs include anal, creampie, amateur, interracial, Latin, mature, blowjob and hardcore.

Individual scenes are between 20 and 30 minutes long. Each DVD page gives you a view of the front and back cover, a description, list of models, the production studio and the series, if a title belongs to a series, that is. There are screenshots with most of the scenes, you can add any scene to your favourites, rate the action and you can even stream clips. Full length videos can also be streamed or you can download a scene by clicking the small or big versions of the films. This is the moment I begin to feel a bit of disappointment creeping in. There are two qualities, but WMV is the only format available. The 2090kbps, 720x400 quality isn't bad. The image and sound are clear, but don't expect the super sharpness of a DVD. There are links to purchase the whole DVDs, and while I didn't purchase one, I would expect these to be higher quality.

For those who enjoy specific studios, it's hard to tell you which studios offer the most scenes. There are over a hundred in the list, but you will find popular studios like Acid Rain and Colossal Entertainment. The number of series seems endless and while they are listed alphabetically like the studios, I couldn't find a way to uncover the most popular or most downloaded of the bunch.

Final Verdict

Aside from live cams there aren't a lot of extras, but with over 5000 DVD titles and all for a price that's cheaper than a pound of coffee, who cares, right? Well, there are some issues with navigation, the quality could be better and there could be more format options that the Flash streams and WMV downloads. The site is still good, the quality decent, the action hot and diverse, but you should be aware that that five dollar fee you pay for admission only applies to your first month. DVD Box recurs at $29.95 every 30 days, Nevertheless, how many sites practically giving away 30 days worth or videos with no restrictions? Well, DVD Box, for one.

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DVD Box review scores on other review sites

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Date Site Name Rating
2013-02-15The Best Porn84
2012-05-01Adult Reviews80

Average score on other review sites : 87/100

User Comments

2010 Oct 16, 16:14, kasmi
slt ca

2010 Sep 01, 11:19, india
no i donnot have any experience with DVDBox

2010 Apr 02, 21:58, bhopal
very good video and very hot & sexy

2009 Mar 08, 12:29, ca
dvdbox videos are all similar there is not a great variety. they r not that great. plus the site has gotten slower and slower trying to download vids. plus they over charged me. watch out for this site.

2007 Nov 14, 18:02, japan
yes,very nice dvd

2007 Mar 25, 18:00, Green Bay, WI
DVDBox has declined in value in my opinion after being a member for for eight months. The new movies available have poor lately and couldn't give me a raging hardon much less a feeling of sexual arousal. OK, I am an older male but not dead yet and most movies have no clue as to what sensuality is.

When I joined the site it was the top-rated site here by Matuolo but in the last two to three months I feel it has gone downhill. I can only rate it an 8 out of 10 and I don't think that it is worth my three month auto-renewal cost of $69.00.

I believe it is still one of the few DRM free sites and there are good movies to start or add to anyones collection but you have to look to the movies posted earlier on. I know that everything depends on ones taste in sex (like a clean shaved pussy versus a hairy one....clean shaved for me...cleaner and the taste is sweeter).

I think it is time to move on to a new site but I am still looking for DRM free sites. There are some girl/girl, bi girls, lesbian, straight (with threesomes 2F + 1M) and teacher sites that might be worth checking out. I have always had a thing for sexy librarians since we had one in the town I grew up and I was drooling most of the time. She was a flirt and showoff and I wanted her for my teacher. No Luck :(.


2007 Jan 19, 09:17, G.B., WI
I have just checked out the top rated sites and while I raised my rating for DVD Box's site from an 8 to a 9 I believe the have the best site setup on the web. I will say that they have the best Adult Video Site on the web. I used to belong to Deluxe Pass at one time and after visiting the site it hasn't changed much.

Time to review it again and check out all the features like how do you want to sort the videos, favorites, search by star, studio, type of sex. Would you like to preview some screen shots of a vid you are interested in.

Check it out for yourself and you don't have to turn off your protection for your computer. I get 900KBs downloads.

I have one complaint though. I have not received my PornAdept Weekly Newsletter in a long time so I have to re-subscribe.


2007 Jan 19, 08:42, Wisconsin
I have noticed that all the big video sites have basically the same standard set of videos. None seem to have more recent videos for downloading w/o DRM that star bigger name female pornstars.

DVD Box is a good site and they notify you of new vids but they lack (recent) vids from major studios starring the best in Adult Entertainment. Good selection of vids and they are constantly adding more.


2006 Dec 27, 10:00, Amsterdam
The best site on the web...

2006 Oct 27, 06:57, ingel
shit rubbish

2006 Aug 29, 07:30, manila
it is my first time. but it seems exiting.

2006 Aug 05, 20:37, 125

2006 Aug 02, 14:43, baltimore
I was on the site for a few minutes and I could no longer stream anything. I had to sign off and then wait for as much as a half hour before I was abel to log on to the site again and stream movies. I repoarted this but was unable to get an answer that helped.

2006 Jul 29, 01:20, Admin
Reply to "Trooper" : 96/100 would still be one of the top sites, right? :) You know, every reviewer hands out a bit different score, but the most important is to score more or less fair. So I gave the site a 100/100 as it was the best deal out there in my opinion. You'd give it a 96/100 which is still very close to the top. That shows I wasn't making anything up in the review, the site really is top notch and your rating confirms it. Thanks for your comment.

2006 Jul 27, 14:18, CA
By using your rating system, I came up with this after a month membership:
Quality of Content: 24 (25% of the site has poor quality vids)
Purchased Value: 19 (better than most)
Leased/own Content: 12 (lots of regurgitated stuff)
Update frequency: 9
Content variety: 10
Originality: 12(see leased/own comment)
Tour Promise: 5
Navigation: 5
...but hey, just my opinion. Overall a good site way above average.

2006 Jul 26, 07:17, cs
very good .yes

2006 Jul 20, 17:25, man
yehh~ l like this....... and thanks you'er the best !!!!!

2006 Jul 08, 01:03, Out There
So they have like 1150 dvds, all major studios, great quality, no fuckin DRM shit, all downloadable ... nothing to think about here, great deal, well worth joining.

2006 Jun 11, 11:00, a.p
this dvd is very........................... good. when i wiil see this dvd i got in suspans.i wiil thank to you to make this type of dvd. by

2006 May 27, 21:12, fff
good good verygood

2006 May 27, 02:29, UK
Top DVD site. Loads of varied content and 2 new movies a day make this site well worth trying. The search function could use major improvement however, and there could be more thumbnails of the scene you want to watch, but as content is downloadable and not protected (like some other sites) this site overs real value for money

2006 May 25, 06:38, 123456
varry good

2006 May 21, 02:02, Stoke
This website is really bad cuz it wont accept my email address so i cnt subscribe!!

2006 May 20, 03:34, tvm
very good thing

2006 May 15, 11:35, nice
not very nice!

lunch box
2006 May 07, 10:11, pullman
makes me feel good for chicks with dicks

Good Guy
2006 Apr 22, 13:38, USA
The pictures indicate real looser women - SKANKS - ! Where are the clean, goodlooking women with wholesome sex scenes (depravity is not exciting to me).

2006 Apr 20, 01:42, WWW
Great site, they finally got over the 1000 DVDs mark!

2006 Apr 16, 05:43, ca
do not put music on the scene

bad site
2006 Apr 02, 05:44, baaaad
this site is bad

2006 Mar 25, 06:41, USA
It is a very good site, HOWEVER, music in the background added to the sex scenes was not a good idea! It disrupts the entire atmosphere and is quite ANNOYING. There are some DVDs that do not have this, especially those with interviews of the girls before the actual sex scene. But beware, some people think that they know what they are doing when they add LOUD music to the action but they are amateurs at their craft.

2006 Mar 22, 23:47, indonesia

2006 Mar 19, 14:04, problem.
Did the tour, viewed a few samples, overall things good pretty good

2006 Mar 17, 14:57, El Lay Californicator
I am on Video Box which hits me at $9.95 per month and no DRM. This one may be worth it when they get more stuff, but Video Box has started an hourly update which makes them tops in my book.

2006 Mar 13, 08:26, US
Not enough content.

2006 Mar 10, 04:05, www
I just bought a new 200GB disc, so now I know what to fill it with over the weekend! Joined the site 2 days ago, so far getting fast download speeds and they added 4 new DVDs during that time. Video quality is also very good. Looks like a very good site.

2006 Mar 06, 23:32, Admin
Reply to "Henry" : I see what you mean, videosz might have some never movies in the mix and that's because they use DRM. Porn studios are more willing to license their stuff to DRM protected sites, because it kinda prevents their movies from getting overexposed. But for those who want to keep their downloads active even after the membership expires, DVDBox is now the best choice in my opinion.

2006 Mar 06, 23:28, Admin
Reply to "Albatros" : DVDBox actually has more content than pornaccess, don't take the GB numbers too seriously. This is how it works with networks like pornacess, or any other for that matter. Let's say they throw in 100 DVD's, which equals to let's say 420GB. On a site like DVDbox, it's gonna stay 420GB no matter what you do with it. On the other hand, with a network of sites, there will be multiple sites carrying the same content, which also multiplies the total GB of content. So even if pornaccess has 11 000 GB of content, and I dont say it's a lie, it includes all duplicates and all copies of the same DVDs. See what I mean?

2006 Mar 06, 07:36, Los Angeles
I signed up for this site and I was very dissapointed. The content is far from exclusive. I have most of the DVDs on this site from other sites already. I would look around at the other sites before signing up to this site.

2006 Mar 06, 07:24, Germany
The DVDs are old on this site, I'm a member of VideosZ but I prefer there because they have new dvds, DRM doesn't bother me and the quality of their movies is better. This is a good site though.

2006 Mar 06, 03:02, india
not worth atry

2006 Mar 05, 23:59, AU
Pornaccess & Dvdbox are indeed run by the same people,just right click on the Dvdbox Login page,click "view source" depending on your
browser version & view the html code page,about 2 thirds the way down
you find "pornaccess.com".
Have canceled membership to both these sites because of major password
problems.Pornaccess uses CCBill,Dvdbox uses VXBill.My advice is to have a good hard look at the links at the bottom of their web pages.
Read sites like Pornadept & the other review sites before blowing your
hard earned on any of these wizbang sites.

2006 Mar 05, 13:59, CA
Reply to Matuloo: Sorry, didn't see your post below mine, but it doesn't change the fact that it's the same content with a different wrapping paper. If they were so gung ho on making a better site, then why not upgrade the current PornAccess site? I stand by what I said on doubeling their money for the same content and I do take it as an attempt to make more money off the same content. There's nothing wrong with it, it's a smart business move. They took the content from one site and added it to a new site, that has not yet fully been developed, to advertise a huge content. I'm not arguing this fact! This site has 940+ DVD, that equals to somewhere around 4000 GB, not much bigger than other sites (quality sites). PornAccess boast 11000 GB...where do you think the rest of the 7000 GB from PornAccess will end up?

2006 Mar 01, 01:32, Admin
Reply to "Albatros" : Have you seen my comment just below yours? Pornaccess and DVDBox are the same people. They took all the pornaccess content and used it as startup content on DVDbox. That way, they could start with a good size. But they didnt stop there. The pornaccess content is just the startup material, they added a ton of new stuff and continue to do so every day. So don't take it as an attempt to make more money with the same stuff, although it's true to certain extent. Any new DVD site will have a big portion of DVDs that are already on other sites, and I dont think it's a problem. DVDbox came out pretty unexpected and is already the biggest DVD archive out there. I dont really care whether they have all the content from pornaccess in the mix. Actually, it's good, because now nobody has to join pornacess anymore, they can go straight to DVDbox and get much more content for the same price.

2006 Mar 01, 01:26, Admin
Reply to "rory" : This is how I do it : I keep about 150 - 200 scenes on my disc, once I've seen them enough times, I delete them and download new ones. Let's be honest here, who wants to watch the same porn scenes again and again, sure you pick some goodies and store them in a special folder, but good 90% of the scenes get boring with time, so why keep them? So 200 scenes at 200MB each is 40GB, which is not that much, even here in the office I got a 120GB disc. Funny that you say you'd preffer 5 minute clisp, I HATE those. Being interrupted in the best moment kinda makes me angry. Full scenes are always better in my case. But you know how it goes, 100 people 100 prefferences :-)

2006 Feb 28, 09:10, CA
Matuloo, thanks for your response. Here's the problem as I see it (followed by a simple solution). Like you I wouldn't want the lower quality files but prefer the larger for better pictures. A decent broadband speed connection these days is about 2000 kbps (not superspeed, not dragging). That translates into an ACTUAL download speed of 250 KB/sec, which means a 300mb file takes about 20 minutes. That's not for an entire movie, just for one normal-size clip. And the disk storage space for hundreds (thousands?) of clips means quite alot of room needed. Anyway, my solution -- user-adjustable clip size is ideal (like VideoBox) but I realize that takes specialized software. So short of that, offering SMALLER clip sizes (say, 5min) would do the trick, for downloading, for storing, and for viewing. That's my story and I'm stickin' to it. :-)

2006 Feb 27, 17:17, CA
This site has suspiciously the same content as Porn Access! In my opinion, this is the same site with the difference being collection of DVDäs instead of fake web sites. Smart, double the money for same content

2006 Feb 27, 04:20, phoenix
good stuff

2006 Feb 25, 03:22, Admin
Reply to "Rory" : yeah, with 1000 kbps WMV's the files are quite large, some close to 300MB as you suggested. But then again, you can choose the lower quality and get the file faster. Depends on what you prefer, I'd vote for the larger files but very nice picture quality. One more thing : I forgot to mention in the review, that they have all content from the pornaccess network in the mix, and those files are not that huge. One way or another, the way I see it, nobody will keep 1000 DVDs on their disc anyways, these days fast connetions are pretty much common, so the file size doesn't play a major role in this case.

2006 Feb 24, 08:15, CA
Did the tour, viewed a few samples, overall things good pretty good. One serious problem I see is that the user can't adjust the clip-size to download (like you can on VideoBox) and DVDbox seems to break a movie into 12-18 min clips. The 15 second samples were over 4mb in size (!), which means an 18min clip would be a whopping 288mb download. That makes me reluctant to join, for even with download mgrs and large hard drives that will be time/space consuming problem.

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